The Manual Of Love
Facilitator: As we touched on topics to be shared with others, could I have 
                more questions?
Higher Selves:  Ask, you shall receive.
F:   Is there any message you would like to share with people, if I was to post
      this on a forum or somewhere else?

HS: Be true to yourself.
      Know who you are … and keep the integrity high.
      Be in service and be one with us.

F:  This is beautiful. Thank you. 
     Would you be able to expand on what you have just mentioned. 
     I believe there are people who will have harder time understanding
     of how to do this?
HS: People have free will, they all make choices. 
      You cannot make them to choose, but you can influence people. 
      Letting them know that: 
      All these are options that they might not be aware of.
      And let them choose for themselves.
 F:  So, they can choose it by accepting the choice?
HS:  Yes, if they can resonate with it.  
       Be an example and show them how it is done.
 F:  Ok. You have mentioned “resonate”.
      How does one know if something resonates with him or her?
HS: It is the energy that works, that is connecting.
      When people open up, they can receive all the energy. All the light. 
      All the love. And flood it into every existence.
      When they open up the heart, 
      they can feel. 
      When they open up the brain, 
      they can download.

      When they want and they choose to accept, 
      it will all be there for everyone.
 F:  How does one open up the heart to feel the love fully?
HS:   Now...
         ...sit still.
        Close your eyes...

        Take your self to Alpha level...
        Put both hands on your heart...
         Feel...Feel the self love...

         Feel how much you love your self...
         Go deep within...
         Love starts from self love...
         Love your self as much...
         Love your self more...

        Just allow the love to fill the heart...
         It will overflow you...
         You will feel the sensation that love gives...
         It's the most beautiful thing and the only thing that is real.
F:     Thank you so much for sharing this with me. (emotional)
         (...after a pause...)
F:     We would also like to know if there is any information you can 
         give us about the near future, about this planet?
HS:  There is so much to look forward to. By choosing it, you can  
       evolve to this readiness that is being prepared for everyone. Just choose it!
 F:    What is this “readiness” people should choose and look forward to?
HS:  Love. Love and light. It's one...
       Love and light will help humanity to blend and become “Oneness” 
       with the sparkle of love and light in the Universe. 
       Just choose it. Just choose to raise the energy.

       Choose to raise the vibration to match with the higher energies and other     
       beings in the Universe. We all are here, waiting for everyone to come, to 
       be connected with us.
       It's all about love. 
       Love can heal everything...
       But self love is the key! Once you find that love, you just give the love 
       you have to others.
       And that will help to bring the consciousness to the higher existence.
       It's already there for everybody, but people look elsewhere and not inside 
       of them. If they can find the self love and give love to others, it will help
       them with the compassion.
       And once they can do that, any place they go to is a beautiful place.
      There is light everywhere, but people choose not to go that way. 
       It's a habit, it's the believe system!  
  F:  So we can influence everyone around us by choosing differently, 
       choosing the higher frequency?!
HS:  Right, anything that has not been working
        … just choose differently this time. 
        Choose the joy, the love, the light, the 
 F: You have mentioned in your previous answer, that we will be able to 
     join you.

HS:  Yes.
 F:  Where would we join you? Where are you?
HS: Inside of every one.
 F: I am trying to understand this with my limited human brain on Earthly plain.
     Would you be in a different dimension? 
     Can you explain what do you mean by that?
HS: Inside of every one. 
      It’s us. Love and light. 
      When you talk about different dimensions in Earth language, 
      you need to have an explanation, or comparison of different things.
      But with love and light, it's the ultimate dimension of ALL that is existing.
      How high you want to go, what level you choose to be, is all inside of you.

 F:  I think I know the answer to the next question, but how does one get to the
      higher level?
HS: Choose!  
F:  As there is many types of people out there, different tools work better for     
     different people.
     Are there any other tools, besides the choosing itself, which might help
     or expand on how to choose?
HS: Meditate! Because when one meditates, one will find oneself.  
      just go within... 
      There is love and light in everyone.
F:   So it is meditation...
HS:  Meditation.
(Many heartfelt thanks to Eman Matyas for sharing these beautiful messages.)  


Miroslav Shipetich practicing


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