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A surrogate subject was under and we started it off briefly with a Samurai who was on a path approaching a wise old man who was sitting alone and fishing at the edge of the ocean. He needed to have his question answered by this wise old man about preparing for war. The wise old man said to him,  "You are fighting battles that aren't yours.  Everything could be a battle. Choose your own battles". After attaining the learned message, there was a smooth transition to a Roman warrior who was removing his warrior outfit because he didn't want to fight anymore. Then the image changed to a very powerful religious Chinese man walking across his plaza, going up steps to the seat where he was going to sit down. In the brief seconds, as he was turning to face out, he totally changed into the Dalai Lama. All of these entities happened in a matter of seconds. I decided to be in the flow and started to focus on Dalai Lama with a spontaneous question that turned out to be a phenomenal experience.

Quotes of wisdom from our conversation:

I asked him about his definition of GOD and he replied, "… God is the purest. If you think in terms of a light , it is the brightest light you've ever seen. It is the purest light you've ever seen. It is the most all encompassing light you've ever seen. It is the most protecting light you've ever seen. The most loving light, nonjudgmental.  Because there are no impurities to interfere, it can achieve anything it wants to achieve."

About LOVE:  "… if you love, nothing wrong happens, no pain happens. There is no selfishness. There is no greed. Love and we are all one; we are all connected. Every molecule of everything is connected and if people would realize that, this world would change over night. But it is not to be. It is not to be, because this is a teaching planet  … There is absolutely every lesson conceivable to man, going on at this time on the planet. … There is a planet that we all will get to. The planet of pure love where everyone knows we are all connected. We are one, but in order to get there we have to go through this learning planet and this is not the only learning planet in this universe. There are many, of different levels of difficulty, but we can ascend faster here ...”

"Remember we came into this planet and we forgot all.  We have to do that because if we came in with memories, it would not be a pure test or pure lesson.  And because of the difficulties that … the majority of people on this planet experience in their childhood, they are being filled with the kind of knowledge that continually gives them self doubt. They don't know about loving themselves. … That doesn't come into a person's mind until they have gone through many trials,  have learned through those, and are plagued by constant struggles. Then they can be open to self love as it is being talked about and demonstrated. Then there is an awakening in their minds that that's where they are coming from.  So once they make that connection, then it is easier to start doing the work,  ... If everybody starts treating others as they want to be treated then the dance will become more pure and more loving and ascension occurs because now they are open to the love of God.”

About COMPASSION: " … Compassion … goes back to God's golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you have compassion, you don't want to hurt others. You want to help them. … The greatest compassion is having the whole world care about the whole world and in 100 years that world would be in existence. …” 

“The loudest voices that we are aware of now are those of corruption, greed, crime, pollution, but there is this undercurrent, very very strong undercurrent, of the silent healers, compassionate ones, the ones who are living their lives with love. They are there and they are not out numbered, and within a hundred years, the balance is going to shift and you will see a planet of compassion. …"

His explanation of FORGIVENESS: "Forgiveness is the ultimate gift that one can give someone.  When you give the gift of forgiveness, ultimate forgiveness, you are giving ultimate love. … “

His thoughts about the TWO EARTHS: "There is going to be a parallel planet. The one for those who are ascending is going into the fifth dimension realm, and this one, the lesson planet, will stay here for the lessons. Those two planets will be parallel to each other." …..People may choose the lesson planet because "they are either teachers or they are paying off karmic debts."

"I'm not sure yet ... that the fifth dimension planet is going to be the end of it.  … There may be an even higher planet, a higher ascension. …”

Then he added, "On this planet, and this saddens me,... there will never be peace. But on the ascended planet,... there will never be war.  And I look forward to ascending to the next planet,... but understand that I'm here as a teacher also.  So ... even though all of the negative stuff, the stuff without light, upsets me... sometimes,  I know it is here for a purpose,... not to get emotionally connected to it.  Everything is here for a purpose. …”

His thoughts about the ASCENSION PROCESS:  “… There are people that are walking in both worlds... that have a leg in both worlds. They are very spiritual.  They are very human. They make mistakes. They may be struggling in their existence in their human world.  ... I'm thinking of a young man right now. He helps people all day long, but he doesn't have a formal job; he cooks for them, he shops for them, he does whatever they need to have done. Because they are just paying him a little, he may just have enough to get by... and maybe not even... enough to get by from month to month. So I can say he is an example of someone who is walking in two worlds. He is barely getting by in the human world, but in the spiritual world, he has already ascended to the other planet.  But the complete shift has not occurred yet.  So, yes, both planets are here. They are ongoing  and some people are walking in both of them."

When you are on the fifth dimension planet..., you are going to be in a human form again, but ... it's not going to be as evil, negative and greed driven as this planet.  …  There is still going to be a civilization going on there.   It is just going to be a higher civilization. … It is still going to be a teaching planet,... but the lessons are going to be much gentler. Much gentler. …”

If pure spiritual beings choose not to reincarnate, they “… are not going into the fifth dimension earth.  [They] are going to go up … where the Akashic records and everything else are...where it is purely spiritual." 


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Miroslav Shipetich practicing


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