The following 2004 session is from Convoluted Universe Two   pgs.  186 - 188.  

Dolores wrote: [client] went into one of the most unusual past lives I have investigated.

"I wonder how many others have these suppressed feelings and emotions that make no sense to them and cannot be explained by their upbringing?  How many young people are having similar feelings exaggerated and awakened by the violence in our world and on the TV?  This opens up a new way to look at these circumstances that the authorities seem to have no explanation for."

[paraphrased from the book]
Male client in the medical profession: main complaint, a sense of holding fear and anxiety within his solar plexus area.
session / PL:     He was on another planet as a "killing machine"; his voice full of raw hatred, wanting to kill everything.  This was his sole purpose: to kill everything he came in contact with.  He was a product of genetic engineering whose body was designed to store tremendous amount of energy.  He was sent to enemy planet on a spaceship.  He did not use weapons, he was the weapon...a suicide machine.  He could trigger the energy in his body, it would explode with the power of ten hydrogen bombs.  His planet was advanced in metaphysics.
     When he exploded and died, his soul would immediately be reincarnated into the same society, and the process would begin again.  A vicious cycle he was trapped in; no family or social life within the planetary structure.  He was engineered as a killing machine.  His total mindset:  one of hate, killing and destruction.  After many generations the two planets at war decide to raise their vibration and stop the killing.
     At that time he was able to break away and was reincarnated on Earth.  Even then the drive was so strong that he experienced many, many lifetimes where he killed and murdered...he had not lost the programming.  In a way Earth was similar to his home planet because there was much killing.
     His present lifetime was an attempt to break the cycle; born into a family that pushed him down, broke his spirit and made him meek and mild.  (So even those types of families have a function.)  As a child he had a desire to become a mercenary when he grew up, instead entered the medical profession and now helping people.
     The intense feeling felt in his solar plexus was this holding back of the rage, hate and violence that had been so much a part of his personality for many eons.  He was afraid of what would happen if it were let loose, so he kept it suppressed.  He was doing a good job of it and with help from the SC he would win the battle.
     Upon awakening from trance, he said this was the missing piece that he would never have been able to figure out on his own.  One of the reasons he was here on Earth at this time, because Earth was also moving out of its violent cycle and on verge of raising its consciousness into a new era.


Miroslav Shipetich practicing


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